Thursday, March 26, 2009

You Don't Run from the Bike Squad!

I welcomed another routine start to my day. I got dressed, made sure my radio battery was full and my gun was clean. I sat down in the patrol room to check my emails and phone messages. I sat through briefing and engaged in the typical chit chat with fellow officers. I grabbed my bicycle and made sure I had enough citations, evidence bags, and booking sheets.

As quickly as the routine day started, the routine day ended. I mounted the bicycle and we left out the back gate. We, meaning my partner Freeman and I, rode south and then west to check our favorite areas for any suspicious activity.

After about an hour of patrol an officer asked for assistance in locating his suspect in reference to a residential burglary and family fight. I recognized the name he advised on the radio and knew exactly who he was looking for, Bubba.

I had a history with Bubba. The first time I met Bubba he was running from me and other officers because he had several major felony warrants. Bubba disappeared into the night after jumping numerous fences.

The second time I contacted Bubba I was on a bike. I had been looking for him because of the same felony warrants and the fact he got away the first time. To my surprise and excitement I found him walking around the middle of an apartment complex. As soon as I saw him I jumped off of my bike to chase him on foot but he was too far away flew and around a corner and out of sight before I could catch up. (Note to self on this day: It is better to chase someone on your bike then on foot) My partner at the time started chasing Bubba on his bike (much smarter then me) but blew out his tire after the first turn. There is no need to say it, but Bubba got away.

Not too many people get away from me one time, Bubba had me twice. Though Bubba was later caught by several officers after he jumped through a glass window to try and get away, I still had his number and would wait for my next turn.

So now I had my chance, Bubba was wanted for a family fight, a residential burglary, and several warrants. If Bubba was home, he was not getting away this time!

I responded to his residence and while my partner and another officer went to the front door, I was quietly and patiently waiting for Bubba to run out the back.

After all of this, no one was home. We quietly left the area and half heartedly searched the surrounding area for Bubba.

After checking the area we continued our patrol southward and ended up at the far south end of the city. Not but a half hour into our patrol the same officer as before advised that he was following a car where Bubba was a passenger. The officer, having prior experience, said Bubba would probably bail out and run. As soon as the officer finished saying the words, “bail out,” he advised that Bubba had jumped out of the car and was running through yards and jumping fences.

Freeman and I were already on our way and started zipping past houses, jumping curbs, and flying through busy intersections on our bikes in order to get there.

Several officers advised that they were en route to the same location but none could beat the bike guys on scene.

Upon arrival I asked the first officer where Bubba was last seen and he said he was running north through fenced yards. Freeman and I started working the area to find out where he went. On First Street, just north of where Bubba was last seen, I contacted several subjects who were waving me down in their front yard. Before I could give them Bubba's name and description they asked, "Are you looking for Bubba?"

I gave a quick reply of "yes," and a follow up of "where did he go?" The group said Bubba stole a bike from their yard, threw it over their back fence, then rode the stolen bike away. They pointed west so we rode west.

I crossed Central Avenue and immediately saw a small black bike in front of Ed's Fish and Chips. I believed that Bubba rode the bike across the street and decided to hunker down inside the restaurant. I parked my bike and walked into Ed's with the hope of seeing Bubba try and run out the front door, through me.

As soon as I opened the front door I heard a back door quickly open and shut. Just as one might see in an action movie, I darted through the restaurant and out the back door. I ran out the back door and Poof!, Bubba was no where to be seen.

A perimeter was quickly set up and a K9 Unit was summoned to search. It was all for naught because Bubba had escaped again. He could not even be tracked by the dog.

I returned to the home on First Street to tell them I found their bike. They thanked me for finding their bike and said they would call if they saw Bubba again. I was once again disheartened as I walk to my bike and started riding away.

All of a sudden I heard someone yelling from the house, "He came back, he is right here!" I turned around just in time to see Bubba running to the back wall. I got on the radio to start up a new perimeter. Freeman sped to the south on his bike as I sped to the north. Officers were on Central Avenue so the west side was covered. The only part left open was where we all came from, the east side.

In case Bubba decided to double back I rode to the east side and had it covered. As I arrived back on the east side I saw my sergeant running southwest. I heard a commotion then a rattling chain-link fence.

Just when I had thought Bubba had done it again, I saw him running toward a fence and leap over it right in front of me.

Bubba was being chased, and like a scene from the Discovery Channel where the pray is pursued by a predator., the bike guys converged on Bubba from both sides as the sergeant chased from the back.

Bubba ran toward a fenced yard and tried to jump the chain-link fence. However, Freeman was right behind him and dismounted his bike and grabbed him in one smooth effortless movement.

I dropped my bike and ran to help Freeman but Bubba wiggled loose and was over a fence before I could get there. I leaped the fence in pursuit and followed as Bubba reached the end of the yard and cleared another fence. I cleared the fence after him as Bubba continued to clear another, then another fence.

As I cleared the forth fence and zeroed in on the target, Freeman ran around the corner and had Bubba trapped. Bubba stopped and waited for Freeman’s approach then tried to juke his way out. Freeman did not fall for Bubba's last ditch effort to get away and gave Bubba a solid two hand impact push into the side of a house. Bubba flew sideways into the house but somehow kept his feet and continued to run.

With nowhere else to go, Freeman grabbed onto Bubba with a well executed tackle. Bubba started going down to the ground as Freeman's tackle slid toward the lower legs.

I had jumped four fences and was running full steam ahead as I saw Bubba’s upper body open up. At full speed, with an extra 20 lbs of equipment on me, I was glad I was not Bubba. I lowered my shoulder and as if I were dressed in full football equipment, I made contact with Bubba's upper chest. All I heard was as loud grunt then a thud. Bubba mumbled with his last effort to avoid going to jail, "I am not Bubba, I am not Bubba," as Freeman placed him in hand cuffs. It should be noted that there was very little physical resistance from Bubba at this point.

Bubba was escorted to a patrol car by another officer as the old familiar Bike Squad saying came to mind, "You don't run from the Bike Squad!"


Kelly and Megan said...

I know I'll never run from the bike squad! You guys mean business!! You forgot to mention that Freeman ended up with 6 stitches when all was said and done. Good job man!

Joe and Frances said...

Wow, great story, I was so into it. i thought you were going to catch him, then he would get away, then again you almost had him. I could totally picture this in my head the whole time I was reading it. I really liked the running through the fish n chips and jumping the fence's, I am really impressed. Great job, I am sure Bubba is not a fan of you lol. Glad you guys caught him.

Lyenna said...

I love it Kel! It was like reading a great book. I'm so glad you joined the blogger world, and especially that we get to hear your adventures. Awesome.

The Wright's said...

Wow, that was so exciting. I kept yelling at the kids to be quiet because I was trying to read what happened next. I am impressed on many levels. First, that was just a great story. Second, the football tackle. It was awesome in my head. And third, the length and detail of this post. It would have taken me all week to write that. Nicely done!!! I can't wait for chapter 2.

Angela said...

I love a great story! I'm sure Jaaromy will love to read about your adventures too.

The Carney Family said...

Wow, what great detail! I felt like I was there! I was actually holding my breath. Go bike squad!

The Erickson's said...

Loved the story, but didn't like the part where Freeman got hurt. I can't take anymore accidents. Keep up the good work. The bike squad ROCKS !!! I'm glad my son Freeman has a awesome partener. Thanks Kelly.

Freeman's Mom

Michael said...

No backing out's official, you're a blogger. Great story.

Grandma Hand said...

What a great story! It is just like watching a chase on tv! Just be careful - Love ya1

pzierse said...

Again, a story with great intrigue
and adventure. The bike squad makes me wish I was 27 again. Your skills are awesome, you must have a lot of your Dad in you.
Love ya!!!

Ashley said...

Wow Kelly, your life is so eventful! It sounds like quite the chase. Your stories make me want to join the Bike Squad.