Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oh The Things I Have Seen!

Oh the things I have seen!

This blog is not for the queasy or faint of heart.

Dispatch advised that the neighboring city was in a high speed pursuit that ended in a wreck at 115 Ave and I-10. I was less than a block away when it happened and I immediately followed the billow of smoke to the far side of the freeway. I made my way up the eastbound off ramp.
The freeway soon appeared like a red and blue rock concert as numerous emergency vehicles surrounded the area with sirens, horns, and lights.
I arrived as one of the first officer’s on scene and found it difficult to find the shape of a car in the flattened, black, four door heap of mangled metal. I threw my vehicle in park and quickly removed my fire extinguisher to put out a small engine fire. I watched as arriving officer’s surrounded the jumbled remains and removed the two conscience female passengers and carried them to a safe distance in case the engine fire got out of hand.

As the two females were carried to safety I watched the overweight driver take his last gargled breath while his mangled lifeless body hung out the driver’s window. His body hung out the window feet first as he had been partially ejected during the collision but was held back by the fact that his head was crushed between the seat and roof.
As I further examined the wreckage, I walked to the back of the car and saw that the fourth passenger remained in his seat. No one attempted to extract him either, mostly due to his split skull oozing with a grayish-red brain matter that slowly dripped onto the rear floor mat.

The driver of the stolen sedan lost control of the vehicle when he erroneously maneuvered through the rocky gore area (between the freeway and off ramp) causing the vehicle to spin out of control until it violently encountered a full grown palm tree. The front passenger had been instantly killed when the vehicle slammed into the palm tree at over 60 mph. The driver died a short time later. The two females survived the crash.
I responded to a trailer park on Main Street in reference to a stabbing report. Upon arrival I contacted a shirtless Hispanic male complaining of chest pain. The cause of his pain was obvious as I watched his filleted upper chest precariously hanging on a flap of skin.

I believed the chest pain was also due to the numerous puncture wounds in his lower abdomen and self defense slashes on his hands, wrists, and arms.
The Spanish speaking victim got into an argument with his roommate earlier in the night. After all was said (and thought to be done) the victim went to bed and fell asleep. The roommate, still angry from the argument, grabbed a large kitchen knife, entered the bedroom, and stabbed the victim several times. The victim survived and the suspect fled to Mexico.
I responded to a reported shooting in the area of Thomas Rd and 107 Ave. Upon arrival, I contacted a Hispanic male teenager lying on the living room floor wincing in pain. Not seeing any obvious gun shot wound I asked him if he was okay. He responded by pulling the font of his pants down and yelling out “I shot my @$%#$# off!”
The image of the bloody appendage was etched in my mind forever as it reminded me of a half eaten hot dog that had been nuked in the microwave for too long.
I guess the teen decided to play around with a pump action shotgun loaded with bird shot and for some unfathomable reason he pointed the shotgun a little too low. (And pulled the trigger)

The bird shot instantly removed his member as the bloody carnage was strewn down the hallway in a perfect geometric line. Small bb's speckled the floor and wall from the blast. Upon further examination of the irreplaceable minced limb on the wall, I saw flies and other insects enjoying their fresh meal for the night.

(Again, for reasons unknown, the victim had time to rack the shotgun which ejected the spent casing from the barrel, prior to calling the police)
I still have my suspicions that said teenager was putting the now fly dinner where it did not belong, and someone taught him an unforgettable lesson. But he stuck to his story.


Jim & Emily Zierse said...

I will stay in the comfort of my pen pushing job and air conditioned office Thank You. Although I see carnage through bad gossip and politics from the female gender that would give even a big bad cop nightmares.

Jim Z

Kelly and Megan said...

How do you manage to stomach those things but you nearly faint everytime I have a baby? You don't even have to see anything while I am in labor and you still have a hard time! You should have shared the story about the bird that you saw get fried on the telephone wire. That was pretty gross!

Rachel said...

Yuck. That's really all that needs to be said.

pzierse said...

Aah my son, Oh what your eyes have seen!!I cringe at the violence you see every day. I Pray for your safty every day. Yet I know it will only get worse. I am so thankful for your level headedness. I am thankful for your faith and your character. Love ya Mom

Angela said...

Wow, those are some gruesome stories. I don't know how you do it.

Missy said...

Oh.... gross.... dang.... eeeeew!

Robyn said...

I didn't think I was, but now I have to say I am queasy AND faint hearted. I could NOT handle that stuff! You're amazing!

Lyenna said...

EEEEWWWWWWW! You can tell a very descriptive story Kel. I could actually see the images flash through my mind. I wanted to stop reading, but somehow you hooked me. Do you have nightmares?! No wonder, CSI has such crazy stories, they get them from the REAL guys that do this every day. Gross!!!!

Tina said...

Oh boy, those gross me out but Dan has told me similar stories too...although the guy in the last story. Whoa!
Thanks for what you do! It is a gift that you can handle it all and be strong!

Officer "Smith" said...

Then along comes a cop who reads those scene descriptions, and instead of being grossed out, starts comparing them to his own prior crime scenes.

Been there, and there, and there. Done that, and that, and that.

Good stories.