Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kings of the Street

Update: (Also see You Don't Run from the Bike Squad...)

It was just another ordinary day, monotonous, almost like watching a rerun of your favorite television show; you are a little bored because you have seen the same thing before but you can’t help but watch because its still a good show.

Our night was coming to an end when out of nowhere we saw a subject riding a bike leaving the Parkside apartments.

We cautiously approached him as he rode our direction. A simple request was made for him to stop and I almost thought we would end our night with a chase but he came to a sliding stop using his feet for brakes.

We soon recognized him from previous stops as one of the Old Town OG’s. He was Hispanic and had slicked back dark hair with a button down shirt and blue jeans and the almost cliché white T underneath. He was the epitome of any Mexican gangster that had grown to be a veteran of the streets. He spent his time in prison and has earned the respect of the up and coming gang generation.

As he stopped his bike he looked up at Freeman and I with a half crooked drunken smile. He shook his head and raised his hand to the air shaking his finger to mimic his head.

With a deep raspy accented Chicano voice, he said, “You are the ones who caught Bubba.”

I expected a hidden threat to be the next words out of his mouth but was surprised to hear, in the same accented tone with the crooked smile, ‘You guys are the Kings of the street.”

With the obvious perplexed looks on our faces he explained that Bubba was a nuisance to everyone as he would burglarize and threaten his own. He continued by saying that Bubba could get away from anyone and could fit through a hole, (as he lifted his hands about one foot apart,) this size.

He shook his head again as he repeated, almost under his breath, “The kings of the street”.

He called us crazy for being on bikes but said we are effective. He said people are afraid to break the law when we are around.

After the short contact he rode away and we rode back in to the station for the night.

…..Its funny to me that one little bike squad (of two) could make enough difference on the streets to be called, by one of it’s most experienced veterans, the “Kings of the Street.”


Kelly and Megan said...

Now you have another name for yourselfs! SWIKE, Bike Guys, and now Kings of the Street! Glad to hear that you're not the only ones glad to see Bubba get caught!

Also, glad we are back from vacation so you can do a new post!

Jim & Emily Zierse said...

You just made your big bro proud! It's like scoring a TD in the NFL and me saying thats my Bro!!!! Except better cause you clean up the streets and make a difference.

Angela said...

Wow! That's power.

Rachel said...

So now do we have to call you "Your Majesty?"

Way to go making a difference in the world!

Z said...

You only have to call me “Sire” if we meet on the streets.

……That was funny Rachel!

pzierse said...

Aaaahawsome!!! Kel I could'nt be prouder of you. You handle yourself so well. It goes to show one person can make a difference. Love ya

Lyenna said...

That...is a good day:) Yes you are definitely making a difference. You were born to do this!

Robyn said...

It's awesome that you can come home from work everyday knowing you're making a difference! If only we could all feel that way!

And your Disneyland passes make up for any small birthday gift! It's my favorite place in the world!

I love your blog...and si, todavia entiendo el espanol, pero casi nunca lo hablo!

You're awesome, cuz!