Monday, June 15, 2009

I Gotta Go....

It was the middle of the week, probably a Thursday, and still daylight. There was not much traffic, vehicle or pedestrian, and we where cruising on our bikes looking for someone to chat with. The day, thus far, was fairly mundane as we had made our usual stops with the same people he had talked to a hundred times.

Freeman and I were riding down Harrison St from 4th St when I got a call from my wife. The day was slow and no one was around so I had time to answer. I continued to ride my bike westbound on Harrison St as I spoke to her on the phone about whatever we had going on.

Just then I saw an ordinary subject fail to stop at a stop sign as he crossed the road in front of me. Without speaking a word I gave Freeman a look that he promptly returned. The look was understood by both of us as meaning it was someone we were going to stop. Freeman rode ahead to speak to the subject while I casually turned south and continued to talk on my phone.

I half watched as Freeman swiftly caught up to the subject. Though I was not close enough to hear, Freeman must have said something to the effect of, “Can you stop and chat with us for a second?”

I watched with more attentiveness as the subject on the bike failed to make eye contact with Freeman or slow his bike. I knew what was about to take place so I gave my wife a quick “I gotta go” while she was in mid sentence. I hung up the phone and slid it into my pocket.

The chase well on its way as the suspect quickened his pace and turned down Davis St, fleeing to the east on his bike. Freeman was easily following behind with a determined, almost fiery, look on his face, knowing that this guy was not going to get away.

I was at full speed as I few around the corner in time to see Freeman cut in front of the suspect. The suspect either had to hit the curb, try to go through Freeman, or stop. He chose wisely as he skidded to a stop and lost his balance. Freeman reached out and helped guide the suspect in the direction he was already headed, to the street.

The suspect hit the ground with a thud but promptly bounced back to his feet and started to run. As smoothly and simultaneously as two Olympic synchronized swimmers, Freeman and I dismounted our bikes and pursued the chase.

The chase ended as quickly as it began with Freeman pile driving the suspect into the curb head first. The suspect, who surprisingly remained consciences after two hard falls, now refused to listen to verbal commands. He placed his hands in his front waist band area; out of view (This area is where a criminal is most likely to store a weapon).

Almost unconscientiously, I found that my taser was removed from its holster and in my hand. The taser quickly found the center of the suspects back where I squeezed the trigger and released 50,000 volts of unforgiving hurt.

The suspect let out a shrill scream as he unwillingly took the five second ride. When the five seconds were up, he grunted with the last bit of breath left in his lungs saying, “you got me.”
As Freeman grasped onto the suspect’s left arm, I watched his right arm slide back to his waist. I heard another exasperated grunt and watched the suspect’s face wince in indescribable pain as my finger found the trigger again. After the unlearned lesson was retaught, I heard an exhausted voice say,”I’m done,” as he willingly placed his hands and arms out to the side.

After he was fully detained, we searched his waist for what we believed would be a knife or gun. Instead of a weapon we located an opened cigarette package containing a meth pipe, $80 worth of recently purchased meth, and some marijuana.

The suspect had used the last of his money to purchase meth and was unwilling to have it taken from him without a fight.

The suspect was later booked on his new drug charges, failing to obey a police officer, and two outstanding felony warrants.


Ashley said...

Wow! You have such interesting stories, such an interesting life. I am glad you blog about the stories because I love hearing all the excitment!

Jim & Emily Zierse said...

Meth must be some really good stuff. I think I would give anything to not have 50,000 volts go threw me. However, I have never done meth so maybe thats worth it. Thats exactly why I won't try it. ;)

Angela said...

You mean cops! That was his last batch of meth and you wouldn't even let him enjoy it. He worked so hard for it, too.


pzierse said...

Wow Kel, I am so glad you have a head on your shoulders. You have become a seasoned Cop. I pray every day for your safty. It shows how addicted meth is and just what extent they will go to. Keep safe my son. I love you. Mom

Missy said...

It would be so fun to get the criminals side of the story sometimes too. I bet he did all kinds of stupid stuff before having the meth tazed from him- twice!
You're a great writer. You should make up some of that stuff for us sometimes. I'd bet you know enough about it by now. You could really have us rolling getting inside their heads I bet.
Do you know how long I've been waiting for this next post??? I have to make myself not check everyday cuz it just makes it take longer.
I love your blog. It is THE funnest blog that I read. No offense anyone else, I like to read yours too. I'm just sayin...
You could write one hell of a mystery/action book, Kel. You could use real life experiences to do it. How many people can say that?
Not everybody has those experiences. Of those who do, not all of them can write worth a crap.
You got both... I'm just sayin.
It wouldn't be hard to plug your book either. People will want to plug a really cool book written by a police officer. It's a fact... I'm just sayin... :)

Kelly and Megan said...

How do I not remember this story? I don't think you actually ever told me about it! Love your blog babe!