Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shots Fired

My heart started racing as I heard the first of several shots ring out. We both looked at each other and muttered the already understood thoughts of “that was pretty close”.

Our short meeting with the patrol officer at 2 St. and Harrison Dr. was cut short as we purposefully turned down the street, east, toward the sound.

I have never had more of an acute awareness of my surroundings as I did at this moment. I visually and auditorily noted each part of my surroundings. I could have counted the number of ants marching across the street.

My awareness was heightened with knowledge of the Homicide that occurred at the nearby apartment complex only one week prior. With the rapid succession of shots I was not discounting retaliation.

I peddled at a snail’s pace scanning the dark landscape for anything; a suspect, victim, evidence, witness or something out of the ordinary.

It wasn’t until I broadened my visual search that I saw the sole occupant of the abandoned roadway.

Freeman and I saw him at the same time and instinctively flanked him to the left as we approached. I visually scrutinized his every movement but maintained a heightened interest in his hands. I immediately noted that his hands were free of weapons but saw that his left hand snugly clasping the outside of his shorts.

When close enough, I dismounted my bike and approached him from the left. Freeman rode around to the back and stealthily dismounted his bike. I immediately told the subject to put his hand in the air. He slowly put his hands in the air as he looked over his shoulder at Freeman then glanced from side to side. I recognized his visual scan as someone contemplating flight.

I let him know the seriousness of my demands as I shouted for him to put his hands in the air, “NOW!”

Freeman told him to pull his shirt up. He steadily took hold of the top of his shirt and lifted it antagonistically little. Without a clear view of his waist band Freeman told him to raise the shirt higher.

My instincts and suspicions were confirmed as I saw the butt of a small caliber gun protruding from his left waist band.

My mind refuses to recall how I drew my firearm, but there I was, gun in hand pointing it at the suspect. (At the rate my adrenaline was pumping and my heart was racing, it is nothing short of miraculous that I recall this much).

I told him the suspect to drop to his knees. His mind must have been clouded because it wasn’t until the second time I told him, with a .45 staring at him in the eyes, that he complied.

He quickly dropped to his knees and was taken into custody.


It was later determined that there was no homicide. There was not even a victim. It was revealed that the suspect had a new gun he wanted to try. He left his apartment complex to fire several rounds over a new neighborhood. He must have skipped the science lesson that taught, “What goes up must come down.”

He was later booked on two felonies.


Lyenna said...

Seriously Kelly, I don't know how you can keep your head in moments like that. Just knowing there is a gun in the vicinity has me jumping out of my skin. I may have a lot of drive for exercise, but I don't think I am driven enough to go TOWARDS gun shots:)

Angela said...

Way to keep your cool in a scary situation. Whew!

Missy said...

He was shooting his gun in the air in somebodys neighborhood?! What an idiot. Who knows, maybe it did turn out to be a homicide later that day when the bullets came back down.
Where'd he get the gun anyway?
I believe we all have the right to own guns, after we prove we're not stupid or evil first.

The Carney Family said...

I always feel like I am right there with you guys as I read your stories. I'm just glad he didn't reach for his gun and you guys were safe. Geez louise, you two!

Freeman's Mom said...

wow very intense.......

Missy said...

Still "Shots Fired"